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Code for Google Glass in C# with Xamarin

Cross-platform tools bring Microsoft-style app dev to Google headsets.
Specialist cross-platform development tools vendor Xamarin is rolling out brand new elements which will now allow developers and coders to utilize its products to build apps for Google Glass.
Ordinarily with Xamarin, coders wouuld compile native mobile apps for Android and Apple's platforms using the Java and Objective-C languages. With Xamarin however, it's possible for these very developers to make use of Microsoft's C# language to target any of the above. Xamarin's tools therefore, enable developers to more easily build apps for Android, iOS, and OS X devices using an incredibly similar code base for all three. The implications and possibilities are limitless. Enter Google Glass.

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Xamarin and Microsoft join forces

Visual Studio to iOS and Android, it was always meant to be this way - .NET becoming more cross-platform, the ultimate platform now some will say.
Xamarin bringing .NET to iOS and Android developers is nothing new, it has been happening for some time now. This includes, ofcourse, enabling iOS development from within Visual Studio. Microsoft, similarly, has, has been doing the same for Windows and their growing base of Windows Phone developers. Application developers around the world will now note that this collaboration, announced recently, will simply make cross-platform development even easier.

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DEVCON partners with XAMARIN

DEVCON has teamed up with Xamarin as a reseller to our local South African Market.

Xamarin is the only product that lets C# developors deploy the same code to iOS, Android, Windows and Mac... NATIVELY! Check out our Xamarin products available in our online store today! Here's a video of the awesome Xamarin in action.

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AppDynamics Download

AppDynamics is application performance management software designed to troubleshoot problems in complex production apps! So what can you do with AppDynamics? Check out the video below and then try it for free!

End User Monitoring
Stay on top of your end users with complete visibility into browser, network and server latency. Compare end user experience across Geographies and Browser types. 

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Visual Studio

VS2012 Ultimate wMSDN FPP 3D Devcon

Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN

Best solution for creating high-quality, scalable applications with the support of MSDN subscription benefits.
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VS2012 TeamFoundationServ 3D Devcon

Team Founation Server

Includes 1 User Client Access License
Version-control and bug-tracking system
Seamless interoperability with Visual Studio

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Your C# Apps on 2.6 Billion Devices

Write your app entirely in C# and share your code on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac
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